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All in.

Old hurts and habits, the opinions and approval of others will subtly pull us away from faith…but this weekend’s gospel encounter with Jesus tells yet another story of grace. It’s good news for all the dropouts, deserters, quitters and failures: Jesus believes in you and invites you to go all in with him.

All in: holy spirit humans

When Jesus announced his impending death the disciples couldn’t fathom their lives without him – and for good reason. There’s no way to do Christianity without Christ. We end up determined but not directed; energized but not empowered. Thankfully, Jesus promised us a personal God-presence for every moment of our earth-side lives.

All in: foot-wash love

The scene is the last supper, where Jesus shocks his disciples by setting aside all his God-ness, kneels down, and washes their dirty, smelly feet. It was the custom of the day for the lowest servant to do this – and here was Jesus on the eve of his death serving out of vulnerability – and love. You’re invited to join in as we consider the transformation that happens inside any of us who choose to bow low…

All in: live free

Hurt people hurt people. Stories, narratives and negative messages accuse us of not being enough and shame sets in. Yet whether we become outward blamers or inward accusers, Jesus isn’t having it.  Jesus doesn’t fall for the shame-cycle trap, but points us to God’s bigger picture of freedom and healing.

All in: share your story

Shame can’t welcome us, doctrine won’t convince us and opinions seldom sway us – but tell your Jesus story and it will likely forge a connection that draws others closer into faith. Join us as Pastor Mike Slaughter shares his own faith story and invites us to do the same.

All in: questions welcome here

Christianity has, sadly, become known for judgement and division, when what humans really need is safe space for curiosity and questions. Jesus, however, has always welcomed the most pressing questions, our deepest needs laid open. So – for the love of God! – let’s take a Lenten journey into the hardcore truth about Christianity, a discovery of Jesus’ wide invitation…

My Family

Our human habit of choosing to be right over relational is wreaking havoc in our world, our communities and our homes. Jesus modeled a remarkably fresh approach we’ll introduce in worship, so join us for a powerful conclusion to our new-year series.

My Health

When caught up in unhealthy physical and emotional habits, it’s easy for stinkin’ thinkin’ to settle into our days. What’s not easy is remembering that God’s grace is available to renew our lives in real and tangible ways. Join us as together we pursue the power of healthy focus and life-giving renewal.

My Reach

The past year has taken a lot from us for sure, but the divine invitation to lean in, to influence others towards God is still yours for the taking. This is your invitation to come full circle with who God’s created you to be.

My Priorities

Change is hard, but moving forward in faith is our calling. And while we may be willing, only a fraction of us will actually lean into the priorities needed to press through to our highest call. Jesus said, “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” (Matthew 16:25)

Gather with us as we celebrate life and deepen faith together.