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Living into Your WHY

At the core of our humanity is a motivation to engage in meaningful, purpose-driven activity – each of us working out our divine WHY. It’s easy to sabotage ourselves however, and miss out on what God could do through our uniquely created workplace gifts. Don’t miss worship as we’re challenged to pass on the drama and pick up on the drive to let our lives count…

Partnered with God

No matter what our current job situation, most of us struggle to know we’re making any kind of difference.  And while 2020 has brought a resume full of crazy, our life impact need not be compromised. Each of us has the ability to move from 2020’s confusion into a clear 2020 vision of influence as we Partner With God at work.

It’s YOUR Move!

As 2020 bears down, each of us must ensure that a storm or even a six-month steady pandemic downpour doesn’t put out the holy fire within. We close out our summer worship series with a personal challenge to move forward with God. IT’S YOUR MOVE.

People of Influence

Anybody feeling the weight of a setback…possibly a six month, unplanned detour called Covid? You’re not alone – history reveals that God’s purpose actually shows up in our failed plans. God moves through the setbacks of our lives, creating the kind of story the world needs to hear. Join us in worship for another chapter from the early church…

No Kid Misses Out

School year starts always carry their own brand of anxiety, but this year it’s REAL. Our COVID-world has thrown in a supply list of challenges – enough to create havoc in the healthiest of families…BUT GOD.
Join us in worship as we move forward, lifting up our community-wide vision to come around kids in an unprecedented way.

Equal Opportunity Deployer

Crazy detail: Jesus seldom performed miracles alone. He empowered ordinary human bystanders to share the work. If you’ve ever felt shut up or shut out, tied up in categories or bound by biblical misinterpretation, here’s your invite to JOIN US for a message of freedom and empowerment…

Calling on the Next Generation

“SOMEDAY” we tell our kids…. SOMEDAY you can dream big dreams. SOMEDAY you can make a difference. But recent events convince us that TODAY is what we’ve got. Join us this weekend in worship – online or in person – as we embrace and empower the young people in our midst.


What could it mean for your life to have someone pulling you toward your best created self? The secret sauce of the early church was the radical mentorship model Jesus introduced. Join us as Pastor Emeritus Mike Slaughter speaks to the powerful influence of one person’s life on another.