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Message: “My Priorities” from Rachel Billups

A message from the series “ReClaim.” Change is hard but moving forward in faith is our calling. And while we may be willing, only a fraction of us will actually lean into the priorities needed to press through to our highest call. Jesus said, “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”
Come, gather with us as we celebrate life and deepen faith together.

Message: “My Faith” from Rachel Billups

A message from the series “ReClaim.” How’s your faith doing these days?  Are you getting comfortable with surprises, good or bad? Is what’s happening inside you ready to take risks outside you? Already 2021 has called and said there’s no time like the present to embrace a stronger trust in the God who is able. Let’s gather this weekend for a celebration of hope and a timely message of challenge.

Message: “Prayers, Healing and Hope” from Rachel Billups

A message from the series “Prayers, Healing and Hope.” It’s been another unprecedented week here in the United States. This weekend, we’re setting aside what we had prepared for worship and coming together LIVE at our regular worship times for a service of prayer, healing, and hope. Join us at or on our Facebook page. Healing in our nation won’t happen overnight, but humble prayer and confession is a good start. Let’s start there together.  

Message: “My Purpose” from Rachel Billups

A message from the series “ReClaim.” Unprecedented events handed us a new year with old fear. January resolutions barely seem possible with much of life beyond our control –but what if? What if we reclaim what we can in the ways that we’re able? Join us for a new year’s series and a fresh chance to stake our lives in a season of chaos.

Message: “A Life Well Spent” from Karl Penn

A message from the series “The Waiting.” What is the measure of a life well spent?

The end of a hard year finds us asking the deeper questions: What are we committed to, really? Do we have a focus that keeps us centered – a spiritual practice that keeps us falling in love with Jesus day after day? Join us for a fresh challenge for 2021.

Message: “Waiting on My Dreams” from Rachel Billups

A message from the series “The Waiting.” Have you ever watched a cherished dream die? Interwoven into the Christmas story are folks with broken dreams of their own, heartbreaks that presented the same choice you have today: hang on to the old or give God room to birth a new dream, a new call, a new destiny in you.  Join us for worship as we gather strength to let go of what was and open our hands to what can be. 

Message: “Waiting on My Shot” from Rachel Billups

A message from the series “The Waiting.” December 2020 looks to be a seasonal blur of hybrid school schedules and emergency grocery store runs, all while breathing as best we can. We’re more likely to just dial it in and forget to watch for God to show up. Yet, Advent has always been about great expectations – new possibilities birthed out of old mindsets. It’s that angelic call to pull our heads out of self-doubt and expect some amazing.
Let’s use these days leading up to Christmas to live ready. Join us for worship as together we light candles in anticipation of God’s movement in and through our lives…

Message: “Waiting on My Promise” from Rachel Billups

A message from the series “The Waiting.” Think back to life as a kid – a time when someone promised you the best Christmas present you ever dared to ask for. Were you excited about it? Could you sleep at night? Did it arrive at Christmas? In ancient Israel God’s people had waited for the ultimate present in the form of a promise. The Promised One or the Anointed One called Messiah. Your promise may take prayer, it may take patience – but God always keeps God’s promises!

Message: “Scorpions and Snakes” from Rusty Eshleman

A message from the series “Teach Us To Pray.” Jesus said our picture of God would always determine how we talk to God. And it’s true! Most of us picture God either as a loving parent or a “scorpion and snakes” kind of being, ready to pounce on our every mistake.
Let’s consider our own pictures of God. What would it take to join the company of the BELOVED and pray to THAT kind of God? It’s time to set the record straight and get those prayers flowing.