We have been invited to return.

This past year our team of Pediatric Dentists and Pediatric Anesthesiologist served at the Jamaican National Children’ Home and brought a new approach for providing dental care to the disabled in Jamaica. They are not only the most vulnerable in any society, they know they are powerless and vulnerable in the dental chair. They are unable to cooperate because of previous life experiences and general anxiety that seems to peak in the dental chair. As a result, their dental needs are not attended to because access to a hospital for a general anesthetic is not an option. Our new approach was an astounding success.
We have been invited to return in February 2020 to provide the same care for a different home, The Mustard Seed Communities
This team is different from the many other wonderful dental mission teams. We specialize in providing young children and the disabled dental care they need. This team has an Anesthesia team and is basically bringing a mini operating room to the patient, and the Dental team is experienced in working collaboratively with the Anesthesia team, and specialized in Pediatric dentistry.
In addition to the sedation patients, the Dental team is setting up a temporary free standing dental clinic with portable dental equipment at the children’s home for the able bodied residents, who do not need sedations.
A team like this requires a lot of preparation and funding. Not including lost income for the participants, the funding for the team of ten, including supplies and equipment, is around $35,000.
Some of you have donated in the past or even for this trip. For others who are interested in reaching across the Caribbean to make a huge difference in the life of the poor and vulnerable we would greatly appreciate it. Your love will be delivered with care and tenderness.

Gratefully,  the team

Vi Devany, Glenn Feltz, Trisha McNamara, Kaitlin Jennison, Amy Callihan, Lisa Rumely, Megan Wess, Tonia Ellen, Tony Robertson, and Jeff Blair