The Sudan Project

The Crisis

In Darfur, Sudan, more than 300,000 people have died since 2003 as a result of civil unrest, lack of food and disease. More than 3 million children, women and men have become refugees, with little food, drinkable water, protection or hope, prompting the United Nations to identify Darfur as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

The Response

Ginghamsburg Church, a 4,500+ United Methodist congregation in Tipp City, Ohio, felt called to act. During Advent 2004, Senior Pastor Mike Slaughter challenged Ginghamsburg’s attendees to spend only one-half on Christmas gifts of what they would normally spend and to bring the remainder in for the Sudan Project “Miracle Offering.”  The result? $317,000 to begin a sustainable agricultural project in Darfur that put 5,209 families back into the farming business, producing seed for future harvests, income and money for 900 children to be bought back out of indentured servitude.

Since 2004, the annual Miracle Offering has continued. By 2015, a total of $7.1 million has been invested by Ginghamsburg and its partner churches, schools and businesses to expand agriculture to more than 85,000 people, create a child protection & development program that is serving nearly 35,000 children in Darfur, Sudan, while also implementing a safe water and sanitation project that serves nearly 100,000 in South Darfur. In 2010, the Sudan Project expanded into Aweil, South Sudan, where it serves communities through two primary health care facilities, safe water and hygiene training. Ultimately, the project will resource on-the-ground missionaries in Aweil who will partner with the South Sudanese people to begin new United Methodist faith communities.

Imagine No Malaria

In May 2013, Ginghamsburg Church pledged to raise $1 million over 5 years toward ending death by malaria through an extraordinary ministry of The United Methodist Church called Imagine No Malaria (INM). Malaria is preventable, treatable and beatable, yet this mosquito-transmitted disease claims a life every 60 seconds. More than 85% of the world’s malaria deaths are in Africa. Ginghamsburg’s funds are being used to save lives in South Sudan, one of the hardest hit countries. The $323,000 given in our 2013 miracle offering designated specifically for INM toward the $1,000,000 goal has purchased 30,000 nets and education on their use for women and children in one of South Sudan's most vulnerable sites. We live confidently knowing we serve a God of abundance with “cattle on a thousand hills” (Psalm 50:30). An additional 2014 investment was deployed to provide nets and medication to some of the most vulnerable - pregnant mothers and young children in South Sudan. Funds provided through the 2015 miracle offering are serving other malaria-prone areas within Africa. To learn more about INM, contact us at [email protected] or go to You may also give online any time of year toward the miracle offering.

Fall  2017 Update - SUDAN PROJECT by the numbers

-15,974 households fed via a sustainable agriculture program
-298 schools built or rehabbed plus 15 offices
-245 teachers trained
-Nearly 35,000 cumulative students enrolled in schools over the course of the
-829 graduates from 3 Life Skills Centers
-2090 students served through 12 kindergartens
-Provided 214+ schools, representing 70,929 cumulative students, with
schoolroom furniture, text books and/or sports materials
-1570 special needs and orphaned children provided additional support
-15 boreholes rehabbed
-19 water yards implemented
-1438 latrines in internally displaced person camps
-6 institutional latrines for schools

-Constructed 2 primary health care units (PHCU) to serve 15,000 people each
-Purchased two three-wheel cycle ambulances
-Constructed 4 institutional latrines for the PHCU
-Implemented 1 borehole for a PHCU
-Trained 81 community health workers and traditional birth attendants
-Provided training for 9 medical staff for the primary health care unit
-Trained 10 county health officials on health department management skills
-Implemented 5 boreholes to provide water for schools and surrounding communities
-Constructed a block of 4 classrooms that is hosting 325 students
-Constructed 13 hand-washing facilities for PHCUs and schools
-Hygiene training for 5900 people
-Implemented 541 household latrines
-Implemented 9 boreholes to serve households
-Implemented 3 community boreholes 
-Identified and trained 15 village-based "community led total sanitation" (CLTS) facilitators
-3537 households received hygiene kits
-600 girls received comfort/sanitary kits

Our Strategic Partner - UMCOR

The United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR) is the not-for-profit humanitarian agency of The United Methodist Church. Since 1940 UMCOR's mission—providing relief in disaster areas, aiding refugees and confronting the challenge of world hunger and poverty—has helped to heal the hurts of humanity in nearly 100 countries. When you give money to the United Methodist Committee on Relief one hundred percent of your tax-deductible gifts go to the emergency or project that you designate. UMCOR's administrative costs come from other sources. Visit UMCOR on the web at

Become a Part

If you would like to partner with The Sudan Project in the efforts to serve our Sudanese and South Sudanese sisters and brothers, contact Ginghamsburg Church at [email protected] or 937.667.1069. Contributions may be made online. You may also choose to use Advance #184385 Sudan Emergency and send your contribution directly to UMCOR: 475 Riverside Drive, Room 1520; New York, NY 10115.