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I am not part of your church but I need help. I am not asking for money or a handout but I just need a place to move to. I am living in a house with no electricy because of faulty wiring. It has caused 3 fires around the outlets and now we only had 3 outlets that are working. I had no heat last winter because of my furnace going out and we had to use propane. They roof leaks and the plumbing is shot. This was a rent to own house in which I only owe 6000 more on it but I do not have…

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Prayer for Healing

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My mom has struggled with chronic pain for most of my life. Recently she fell at home, and is unable to get out of bed. Please pray for her healing.

Prayer for Kathryn Waymire

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Please pray for our sister in Christ, Kathryn Waymire.  She is in the ICU in critical condition.  She is a wonderful servant in our church, especially in the Next Step Recovery miniseries.  Thank you.


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Please pray for my daughter and her family for physical healing from this virus that has hit there home.

Prayers for my daughter and her family as they are going thru some challenging times with their oldest son.

Several Unspoken prayers


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I need prayers for my family. I am a single mother of 3 trying keep my family life stable and safe. We need prayers emotionally, financially and physically. We have troubled times regularly. Thank you

Prayers for Sherry Elrod

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Prayers for a friend Sherry Elrod. Had complications during bypass surgery today and they found a small aneurism. Need prayers for healing and guidance for her doctors. With God all things are possible. Thanks so much for your prayers.


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Please pray for the salvation of my friends Binil Paul and Laura Cratte